Add a Sports Counselor to Your Team

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Whether you're a professional athlete or playing for your school's team, you have your own unique set of challenges. If these challenges are affecting your daily life, turn to a professional.

Learn how to cope with the psychological effects of being an athlete with help from a sports counselor at Best Hopes Counseling Services. Our licensed counselor is a former athlete. Her professional training and firsthand experience allow her to provide trustworthy mental health counseling for high-performance athletes. We are located in Killeen, TX and service Central Texas.

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Feel like a champion again with help from a counselor

Being an athlete is challenging. Fortunately, mental health counseling can help. A professional will help you overcome:

  • The pressure to perform
  • Burnout from a busy schedule
  • Challenges in your personal life
  • Overwhelming feelings, anxiety or depression
  • The emotional turmoil that comes with physical injuries

Get the help you need from a sports counselor located in Killeen, TX and servicing Central Texas. Call now to set up your appointment.