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How to spot The Holiday Blues

How to spot The Holiday Blues

Feelings of sadness that last throughout the holiday season-especially during the months of November and December-are often referred to as the holiday blues or holiday depression.

Even people who love the holidays can experience the blues during this busy season. The holidays are often a time of high emotion and demands, which can leave a lot of people feeling stressed and exhausted.

The most common symptom of holiday depression is a persistent feeling of sadness that begins during the holiday season. This feeling may vary in intensity and duration. Some people might feel down periodically, but experience brief periods of feeling more upbeat.

Some signs of holiday depression might include: Changes in appetite or weight, Changes in sleep patterns, Depressed or irritable mood, Difficulty concentrating, Feelings of worthlessness or guilt, Feeling more tired than usual, Feeling tense, worried, or anxiety, Loss of pleasure in doing things you used to enjoy